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CEDARFoc Logo (Coal Education Development and Resource of Southern West Virginia, Inc.) is an all-volunteer, not-for-profit corporation which began as a partnership between the coal industry, business community and educators. This partnership was formed through the joint efforts of the Eastern Kentucky CEDAR program, the Pocahontas Coal Association and the West Virginia Coal Association.

CEDAR's mission is to facilitate the increase of knowledge and understanding of the many benefits the coal industry provides in daily lives by providing financial resources and coal education materials to implement its study in the school curriculum. For more information click here.

Logan Coal Vendor Association’s Annual Golf Tournament Helps Support CEDAR

Aug. 20, 2011

Coal Association Golf Outing Logan 036
From left: Minda and Dick Williams, owners of Superior Mine Supply. Dick is a board member of the Logan Coal Vendor’s Association

LOGAN – According to Judy Gore, Logan office operations supervisor for Walker Machinery Co., many folks are unaware of the many uses of coal.
Promoting education is one reason why Walker is a member of the Logan Coal Vendor Association (LCVA) and participates in its annual Golf Tournament at Logan Country Club, in Chapmanville. Gore sold raffle tickets at the Aug. 20 outing. Three items raffled were a Hi Point 9MM Luger, a television and a Burner driver. Proceeds from the raffle went to CEDAR (Coal Education Development and Resources) of Southern West Virginia, Inc.
CEDAR is a partnership between the coal industry, business community and educators. It supplies financial resources and coal education materials to assist in integrating the study of coal into the classrooms of Mingo, Logan, Boone, McDowell and Wyoming counties. Its purpose is to enable people to form a factual and unbiased opinion of the coal industry.
Scholarships are given to teachers that apply. The money that the teachers receive is to buy material to educate both the parents and students James Milam said. Milam is manager of Walker’s Logan store. The parents also need the education to combat dark messages in the media and see what coal really is, he said.
“All media portrayed about mountaintop removal is of a mountain getting blown up,” he said.
“It’s kind of like building a house. In the process the house looks bad, but the finished product is beautiful. When you look at a restored mine site, you see beautiful trees and wildlife.”
Other profits from the outing go towards printing educational pamphlets for the public, Milam said. Folks from other states have come through the Coal Auto Fair, in Beckley, and have a better understanding of what coal means. For one, people do not realize that industry attracts other investors to the state, he said.
“There are five of us vendors for every coal miner,” he said. “If the coal industry decides to mine elsewhere than we lose - the vendors lose.”
Owners of Superior Mine Supply, Inc., Minda and Dick Williams, are also members of LCVA.
Dick was in charge of organizing the teams for the tournament. This year they had 20 teams, which pleased LCVA member Jim Winkler, owner of American Hydraulics.
“I’m thrilled,” he said of the turnout. “It’s important because we represent the vendors and help the coal operators. Without the coal and coal operators we are not employed and have no one to sell to.”
According to Winkler, proceeds of the tournament go towards LCVA advertising, CEDAR, children’s charities, providing Thanksgiving turkeys and Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College scholarships. Cindy L. Crigger, vice president of communications at Southern
said the school participates every year.
“It’s just a wonderful opportunity for us to get out and meet the people and to find out what’s going on in the industry,” Crigger said. “We realize the importance of providing training to the coal industry.”
We promote coal, Milam said. That pretty much covers it.
“The communities in Southern West Virginia depend on coal. Walker participates in coal community functions. We also let the federal government know what coal means to us by participating in rally's and hearings. Coal keeps the lights on!” He said.