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Walker Machinery works daily to help improve the condition of roads and bridges in our territory. At Walker we take pride in offering world-class machines that make the world-class quality roads and bridges that you drive on daily.

WVBT: A Call for Better Transportation for West VirginiaHardatwork

Keep West Virginia Moving (KWVM) is an education and outreach campaign developed by West Virginians for Better Transportation (WVBT). The goal of the campaign is to educate key opinion leaders (community leaders, elected officials and others), the media and the general public regarding the benefits of and support for the continued construction and maintenance of a safe, modern surface transportation infrastructure and the benefits this brings to the state's safety, employment and overall economy.

West Virginians for Better transportation is a statewide coalition of businesses, trade associations, chambers of commerce, convention and visitors bureaus, community groups, local leaders, educators and many others. These groups have joined together to express concerns about West Virginia's transportation crisis and to call on state leaders to develop long-term solutions.

Here are just a few reasons this campaign is so important and needs to be embraced by West Virginians from all walks of life:

* Twenty-seven percent of West Virginia's major roads are in poor or mediocre condition.

* Thirty-seven percent of West Virginia's bridges are structurally defi cient or functionally obsolete.

* West Virginia leads the country in percentage of narrow lanes - 67 percent of its major roads are less than 10 feet wide.

* Travel on state roads is expected to increase 37 percent to 26 billion miles by 2025.

* Miles of roads in West Virginia being paved each year has dropped 50 percent during the past five years and is expected to drop another 88 percent by 2011 unless action is taken.


For more information go to www.keepwvmoving.org