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Walker Machinery is now a proud dealer for REMU Screening Buckets.

Remu  Bucket Our Photo RevisedPipeline - trench back filling and pipe bedding

The most important property of REMU Screening Buckets is their effectiveness when working with difficult and wet materials.
Thanks to their unique structure, consisting of rotating disc blades and cleaning scrapers, REMU screens are also well suited for screening materials with high clay content.
REMU screens effectively separate fine from coarse material without crushing large particles into the separated material as undesirable, sharp fines.
Most common applications:
• Top soil
• Blending
• Composting
• Waste sorting
• Backfilling

REMU Screening Buckets have three product lines:
• EX-series is for excavators for professional daily use.
• WL-series is designed professional daily use with wheel loaders but it can be used also with bigger excavators. Thanks to double coupling same bucket can be even crossing used with wheel loader and excavator.
• L-series is for skid steers, loaders, tractors and excavators for professional use with a lighter base machine. Some models can be furnished with double coupling.
Two special editions for hard work:
• HD for heavy-duty use.
• HD MIX for crushing and shredding.
The REMU screening buckets are available from the mini diggers and small skid steers to big excavators and wheel loaders.